How to Create A Mood Board.


Why create a mood board?

Sometimes clients come to me and they are just starting this process. They’ve decided that they would like a cohesive look and feel to the things that they put out into the world to represent themselves and their work. They would like to put thought behind these things in order to attract their ideal client or customer. Some clients are looking for a refresh; they’ve grown and changed over the years, and feel its time that the look of their brand/business change with them.

A mood board is a good place to start, and working with clients to create them is a service that I provide

What is a mood board?

A mood board is “an arrangement of images, materials, pieces of text, etc., intended to evoke or project a particular style or concept.” When you’ve done the work, looking at your mood board should show you the direction to take with your branding, your website, your printables. ALL OF IT!

How to create a mood board.

Some people prefer to create tangible things to create a physical mood board; usually things like images from magazines and pieces of fabric. In this digital age, I’ve found not nearly as many people get printed magazines as they used to. We tend to look at our magazines online or consume our content via Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. So the most used alternative seems to be to start with Pinterest. There is so much more access to the widest array of imagery online.

First comes first…..

Conversation. We talk. I ask a lot of questions. We basically go through a branding questionnaire of mine. Once we have the foundation set here we move on to the images. You can not move on to the imagery until you have SET your foundation; which we will lay out together.

The fun part….

At this point you will be able to gather images onto a pinterest board or in a digital folder that correlate with what we’ve discussed, and/or that would appeal to your ideal client. Once your folder is filled, you should start to see some patterns. For example repeats of certain colors and font styles. Specific feelings evoked. This is the direction you are showing me we should go in. At this point I have given direction through basically a branding questionnaire, and I also give suggestions on what types of things to pin to your mood board; for example at least 5 website or blog designs that you like.

The images compiled here becomes the inspiration for the overall look that will become your website, your content, your brand.

The end product….

Your mood board. Above you’ll see my moodboard. When I made this one for myself, I already had a brand and was just working on a refresh, so a lot of the images I used were my own. I want a mood board to ‘feel’ a certain way. I wanted mine to feel classic, cool, welcoming, dependable.

I truly hope this post has been helpful to someone out there! Just know that I’m here to help in this process.