A Day in the Life

In April I had a work trip to Little Rock. Of course, with Little Rock just being a few hours drive away, I took the family with me. We had the better part of a day to spend together before I needed to get to work, and here is what we got up to. Gus’ Famous Fried Chicken, an amazing playground, Junction Bridge, the kids science museum, and a coffee shop.

Everyone has their own unique story so let's take a day to tell your story, unabridged and unscripted.

For me, these ‘day in the life’ photos are all about having the memories to hold onto. When you see these, you may feel the same way.

For others it may be that you are getting serious about your blog, or wanting to reach ‘influencer’ status on Instagram. The number one way to have people stop in their scroll is to have professional, captivating images. The next most important thing is to share images that actually tell a story. YOUR story.

If you would like an ‘A Day in the Life’ session; whether its to preserve the memories or to share your life with your followers, please contact me!