Mother's Day

Heirloom Portrait | Mother and Son | Jackie Daily Photography
Heirloom Portrait Photographer | Mother and Son | Mothers Day Portrait | Jackie Daily Photography
Heirloom Portrait Photographer | Mother and Son Portrait | Jackie Daily

I promise you, she will see herself the way you see her when she sees these portraits.

Mom.  She takes care of everyone - so often we see that she takes care of everyone and leaves herself for last.  For Mother's Day, give her a day to relax and be taken care of.  And then in the end she will have some heirloom portraits, looking her absolute best, that will be cherished for generations.

I am offering a Mother's Day package this year:

I will have a pre-shoot consultation with the gift recipient to discuss how they would like to be photographed, and plan their session.  Some Moms may want portraits by themselves, some may want their children and partner involved.  I will capture whatever SHE wants.  When she arrives she will be pampered by my hair and makeup artist, and then when she is feeling her best, I pose her down to the finger to get the absolute best portraits she's ever seen of herself.  She will receive three heirloom portraits from her session; archival quality matted prints with the corresponding digital files.  All of this for $400.


Portrait of a young woman with freckles | Jackie Daily Photography | Heirloom photographer | Monroe, Louisiana
Black and white portrait of a young woman with freckles | Jackie Daily Photography | Monroe, Louisiana Heirloom portrait photographer

This is what really gets to me you guys.  A pure and simple portrait.  It speaks a lot of words.  I am feeling so energized by this portrait this week.  This young woman walked into my studio on a Monday, and she has no idea what she has given me for the rest of the week.  She came in for a very simple headshot for her job, sent in by her boss.  She said "I'm the no makeup kind of girl." 

I asked her "Can I take a portrait of you for me?" She responded "Sure!"  Once quick snap, and I'm so inspired.  

A friend of mine asked me recently at an art show if I've ever wanted to photograph something different.  Upon thinking about it, there were a small handful of special projects I had wanted to photograph - but they were still all portraits.  I truly love portraiture.  To capture the story on someones face is a gift to me.  Your faces all all the beautiful landscape I need.  I am grateful to every person who sits in front of my lens.  I know it can be an uncomfortable and vulnerable moment for some, and I do not take that lightly.  

Thank you all for allowing me to capture your beauty, your story, your legacy.

What Will They Find?

Heirloom Portrait Photographer

Our most prized posessions are portraits of our ancestors that came before us.  We proudly display them in our homes.  When disaster strikes, they are the first things we would grab.  

Heirloom Portraits of Family | Vintage Portraits
Modern Heirloom Portraits of Women

One day, far in the future, your family will look for photos of you.  Your grandchildren, their children, and beyond.  What will they find?  For most people, nothing.  The average person now prints none of their snapshots.  They are on their phone, and posted to social media that by that time will be obsolete.

You deserve to exist in photos. 

Don't hide anymore from the camera.  Through my lens, see yourself as you've never seen yourself before.  

Let's leave a beautiful legacy.


The White Sheet

I usually prefer simplicity in portraiture.  The focus is the subject, not the things around them.  A go-to set that is great for ANY woman is the white sheet series.  It's a classic sexiness that is easy and breezy and not 'too much'.  I LOVE using the white sheet, the subject can cover as much as they want, or show as much as they want.

Portrait of a woman in white sheets
Portrait of a woman in white sheets | Jackie Daily photography

When you are prepping for your session, think about the white sheet as an option! =)


It's that time of year. The time when we start planning ahead for the next one....2018!  This year has been a big one, opening the studio space in August being the greatest highlight.  I can not wait to see you all in the studio this coming year. I am so grateful for every client I've seen.  It is an honor to me to be able to photograph you.  I can not wait to see you all and meet so many more in 2018!  Thank you all for a very memorable 2017! 

Portrait of a dancer on pointe
Portrait of a smiling couple
Personal Branding Portrait
Heirloom Portrait of a Woman
Dramatic Portrait of a Woman
Heirloom Portrait of a Woman
Couture Kids Portrait
Portrait of Siblings
Portrait of a beautiful Indian woman
Heirloom Portrait of a Mother and Daughter
Portrait of a tattoo artist
Heirloom Childrens Portrait

Wise Women.

Something that I've noticed: 

The lack of visual representation of women in their 50's, 60's, 70's.

I see so many women that fit in this demographic while I'm out and about and I think "I would love to photograph her!"  

Guys, bring me your Moms, bring me your Grandmas.  I want to photograph them.  I want to photograph you with them.  I want them to SEE themselves, and have portraits that they are proud to display and pass down.  I want to take the best portrait of themselves that they've ever seen.  I want YOU to have heirloom portraits of these special women in your lives.

They deserve it.  You deserve it.



I have been working on building a studio wardrobe, which will change periodically.  We can have up to five looks in your studio session, and sometimes its a thrill for us to just play dress up a bit.  To be able to arrive and have a rack of dresses to look through and play dress up just takes us into that feeling of a magazine photo shoot!

Jackie Daily Photography | Monroe, Louisiana Photographer
Jackie Daily Photography | monroe, Louisiana Photographer
Jackie Daily Photography | Monroe, Louisiana Photographer

A lot of you have fancy dresses sitting in your closet that you wore to one or maybe two occasions that you look at and think to yourself 'I will never wear that again...'  Well, today is your lucky day!  If your dress is right for my studio wardrobe, you just might be receiving a complimentary portrait session in exchange for it!

My booking fee (which you could receive in exchange for your dress) includes professional hair and makeup for up to two people, a custom session, and up to five wardrobe changes.

After your session is complete, you will come back to see me for the reveal of your portraits and your purchasing session.

If you have a dress that you would like to trade in in exchange for a complimentary portrait session, please email me a quick snap of your dress at!  I look forward to seeing you all in the studio =)


What is a 'reveal'?

After your session is complete and I have edited your portraits, we will meet back together at the studio for your reveal.  You will come in to see your images for the first time.  Not on social media.  Not on an online gallery.  The first time you see them will be in person and in print!  There is nothing like tangible printed portraits.  Your gallery will be printed and matted, showcased on the walls of my studio.  You can bring your partner, mom, a friend if you wish.  You can take time with your portraits, hold them.  We can look through your options together and figure out what you want to take home with you.

It is such a special time together, and I look forward to seeing you at your very own reveal.

Jackie Daily Photography | Monroe, Louisiana Photographer | Portrait Photographer
Jackie Daily Photography | Monroe, Louisiana Photographer | Portrait Photographer
Jackie Daily Photography | Monroe, Louisiana Photographer | Portrait Photographer


For me, what makes us beautiful are our differences.  One thing that I want to share with the world is that there is not one kind of beauty. I want to capture so many different women and share their portraits to show the beauty in diversity.  We all deserve to feel beautiful, because we all are beautiful.  I know that for some women and girls, seeing images of others that look like them helps them to see themselves more clearly.  If I can have any part in that process, that is a gift to me.

Jackie Daily Photography | Monroe, Louisiana Photographer | Portrait Photographer
Jackie Daily Photography | Monroe, Louisiana Photographer | Portrait Photographer
Jackie Daily Photography | Monroe, Louisiana Photographer | Portrait Photographer

Hair and makeup by Lauren Mercer, co-owner of Meraki Studio.  Thank you Lauren, for always being awesome.


"For all the things my hands have held, the best by far is you." - Andrew McMahon

Jackie Daily Photography | Monroe, Louisiana Photographer | Portrait Photographer | Mother and Daughter Portraits
Jackie Daily Photography | Monroe, Louisiana Photographer | Portrait Photographer | Mother Daughter Portraits
Jackie Daily Photography | Monroe, Louisiana Photographer

These two are the cutest.  I hope when my daughter is 19 years old, that she will take to her social media happily posting selfies with me as this one does!  Though they have plenty of selfies, I wanted to take some portraits of them that can be passed down generations from now to be oohed and ahhed over.  

It is a true pleasure of mine to order your prints.  When they arrive to my door I open them as soon as I get inside.  To slide them in their mats and feel the weight of them in my hands, I imagine you doing the same years from now, reminiscing about this time of your life.


What I love about my studio sessions is that I can welcome everyday women in, and treat them like movie stars.  They deserve a day for themselves, to be pampered by hair and makeup, and then posed down to the finger, all eyes on them.  

Everything about your session is mapped out; Outfits, sets, even poses.  I wanted to share an optional 'extra' with all of you though.  

If you want to add a little extra fun to your session, we can rent gowns, outfits, and jewelry!  These are designers like; Marchesa Notte, Dannijo, Natori, Badgley Mischka, Christian Siriano, and so many more.

Jackie Daily
Jackie Daily
Jackie Daily
Jackie Daily Photography

If this is something you are interested in, we will make it happen!  We can sit together and pick out your pieces, you can do it on your own from home, or you can have me pick options for you.


Hey Guys!

I hope you're ready for some updates and behind the scenes.  We've moved in and its time to get my new natural light studio set up. I wanted to share this 'before' image before the painter comes in this week to brighten it up and throw some white on these walls!

Jackie Daily Photography | Monroe, Louisiana Photographer

This space is perfect for your headshots, personal branding, and beyond gorgeous vanity fair style portraiture.  I'm so excited to be working along some of our fabulous local hair and makeup artists to offer a complete portrait experience to you guys.  

More to come, so be on the look out!  Next up should be the 'after' studio shot!  

I will be sure to share images from my first few studio clients sessions, call or email if you want to book your own session to see for yourself ;)



Jackie Daily Photography | Monroe, Louisiana


I am adding an incredible new service for you guys and I'm looking for someone to come to my studio in the Garden District to style hair and apply makeup for my clients to accomplish this!  Please help me to spread the word!  Please email me at if you would like to speak further about this opportunity.


When I read this in a blog post from Jasmine Star, I knew I had to keep it tucked away somewhere.  Her advice for one of her followers is so truthful and impactful. The message may help someone out there.

"You said “there is a little fire inside me waiting to come out, but first I need clients” but I strongly disagree.  If your fire is dependent on clients, you’re in trouble.  I believe your fire is in YOU, in your work.  You’ll only get clients if you build your fire alone…and attract them to it.  The fire must grow before you’ll get clients.  So what does this mean?  DO THE WORK.  Show up.  Hustle.  Practice. Experiment.  Create.  Just shoot so darn much you thinkdreameatbreathe it.  That’s how you build your fire."


Jackie Daily Photography | Monroe, Louisiana Photographer

Hey Guys!

Here is a list of all the fun hashtag-able days coming in July!  Let me know if you need some awesome personal branding images for your social media and websites! These seasonal themes are also great for family sessions and couples!  Pina Colada date, ice cream date, and grilling with the family!  i think the ice cream bit is my favorite - and oh so cute for the little ones.


Jackie Daily Photography | Monroe, Louisiana Photographer | Mothers Day Special


When I was initially thinking about a Mother's Day special, I thought to  myself "What would I REALLY want?"

The things I personally long for as the mother of a 2.5 year old is actually just a little bit of normalcy.  I would love to actually be able to try on some clothes and get a few things for myself without either having a toddler pulling at my legs or feeling rushed.  I would like to be able to pamper myself - or really just take care of myself a bit.  And I would LOVE to be in the picture with my child.  I think every mom can feel me in this category of having a million pictures of your child/children and of them with other relatives, but very very few with yourself.  Its actually kind of heart wrenching.  So I went to a few of my favorite local ladies, because I knew they would love this idea!  We are so excited to be offering this true experience to our local Moms.  If you want the mom in your life to feel really special, this is such a thoughtful gift.  Take if from me: a tired and busy mom!

TIRED MOM TIP:  Let mom spend the first few minutes of her portraits to herself, and then show up with the kids so that she can have some precious moments captured with them too!!


Jackie Daily Photography

TODAY ONLY!  Email me to take advantage of discounted professionally printed 4x6 prints - $5 each!  There are so many advantages to ordering from a professional print lab - the colors are calibrated correctly so that the images print as edited by your photographer, and the paper is heirloom quality.  Please be sure that when you have portraits done that you order tangible prints that can be passed down and framed!