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I fancy myself a minimalist.

But I haven't been living like one.

In my mind, I am.  I want to have less and do more.  When it comes to consumption, I know that quality over quantity is the way to live.  Simple as that.  I know I should purge my home of anything that I do not find useful or does not 'spark joy' as Marie Kondo writes in her book 'The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.'  

I talk about it all the time in my head.  BUT.  Come to my home.  It is not a tidy minimalists escape.  

I have been buying more consciously, which is a good step.  But, the problem is I haven't purged.  Mostly because my time is spent either working, or giving attentions to Tallulah.  I haven't taken the time to purge my home of clutter, or on another note to properly take care of myself.  

Last night, I took a minute to read some from 'The Minimalists'.  Something that stuck with me is that they too said they knew these things that I am also saying I know.  BUT.  The problem is the 'should'.  All of these 'I should' do this 'I should' do that.  What of these are 'MUSTS'.  Make the 'shoulds' into 'musts'.  

Here, nearing the end of 2016, I am sharing with you my newly minted list of 'MUSTS'.  I will give myself time to pay attention to my musts.

What are your musts?  


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