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A couple of weeks ago, I decided pretty last minute I needed a makeup artist for a portrait session that I was starring in for once.  

I googled, I posted on social media asking for recs from others, I reached out to several folks.  In my google search a Facebook page came up for Glow by Lauren, it seemed like a new FB page, there weren't many photos.  There was a logo for Glow and for a Meraki Studio, and I liked the aesthetic of both.  There was a profile picture of a pretty rad looking lady with great makeup and hair.  Heck I figured I'd give it a shot!

She was super nice, and explained that the day I needed my makeup done, was actually her new studios first day open.  It seemed like it was kind of meant to be??  

I drove down to Antique Alley where Meraki Studios is nestled and found their new place.  It is deceptively large on the inside, and there were two women inside working away, Lauren and Ashley.

Jackie Daily Photography | West Monroe, Louisiana Photographer | Branding Photographer

Lauren was easy to talk to and fun to work with.  She even got me into my first pair of fake lashes!!  We talked a lot about our babies and mom type things!  We both have toddlers, so its wild times - especially on her end having two young boys.  She also told me that she did not have her FB page listed for public viewing yet, so she wasn't quite sure how I stumbled upon it.  Another strange coincidence I have had happen since I moved to Monroe!  I have had several chance instances that brought me to people that just seemed like 'its obvious I was supposed to meet this person.'  

Lauren is from nearby Jonesboro, Louisiana and has lived in West Monroe for the last 15 years. She and Ashley (who has been voted Best of the Delta stylist/colorist for Delta Style) have been BFF for all that time, and for me it made me to style to see two women who worked hard for their passion and were being supportive of one another both by being encouraging for one another, but also by showing great faith in the others talents and friendship by taking the big risk of opening a business together as partners.

We had a lot of laughs, and I wish only the best to Meraki Studio!!  

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