Building trust.  

If you have any regular clients in your life, its because you've earned their trust.  Congratulations!! =)  

The most obvious way to earn trust is to deliver a fantastic and consistent product or service.  Another way to build trust is to utilize your social media.

"All things equal, people will do business with, and refer business to people they know, like, and trust."  - Bob Burg

Whatever social media followers you have, they do not want to only see posts about whatever promotions you have going on.  If you are solely posting promotions, it is easy for them to see you more as a salesman.  If you post some more of YOUR authentic self alongside your promos, they get to know you.  To like you.  To TRUST you!  

The next time you find yourself thinking "What should I post?"  Maybe go for something more personal or off the cuff! 


Jackie MurphyComment