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I'm not 100% certain where or how I first noticed Pamela.  I have to believe it was from searching the #monroela tag on Instagram.  From there she must have caught my eye, and I started following.  Her thoughtful posts grabbed my attention and led me to her blog.  She has an open heart that feels so welcoming.  As she put it to me; her passion is caring for people.  She looks at it as a responsibility to be kind.

You can actually learn a lot about her from the 'about' section of her blog.  Again, it shows her thoughtfulness in introducing herself to strangers stumbling by.  I need to take a note from her and get a little more personal in my 'about' section!  It seems to me that when she finds something that brings her joy, she dives in and really gives it a go!  She is a real estate agent, she is a blogger, and she has her own booth at Southern Style Antiques on Antique Alley.  She also used to own Salt and Pepper Boutique!  It makes me smile to see her doing all of these things, because I know she has gotten past that fear that so many of us have when we start thinking about taking risks and going after what brings us joy.  There are always going to be those that say 'be realistic, be safe' - but for some people this just means living day to day doing something that makes you miserable!

I really relate to Pamela, and am drawn to her because of her introspection and openness - I had to meet her!  It was such an easy morning talking with her, because we both enjoy asking new people a million questions to get to know them, solely because we are curious and inquisitive folks!  Its the only way you will get to know anyone.  I felt so refreshed when I left her beautiful home.  We talked a lot about negative vs. positive energy, living life for you and 'your people', and practices that keep us sane.  If you are attempting to cultivate a good vibe tribe she would be a good member.

I was personally curious about a journey that many from our community have recently and are still going through - and that is rebuilding her home after the flood.  They had to redo everything in their home, and they did do a beautiful job.  I could still detect the 'new paint' smell in the air.  Everyone loves to see a remodel - but it feels a little shameful to ooh and ahh considering we all know that for many around here its a forced situation after losing everything. Though any remodel is hard work, it has to be made even more so when wrapped up in emotion and loss.  Even through that I could see the spark of excitement within her from completing the project.  She said she loves bringing things to their full potential.  We ended up walking down the block together - because she is working on remodeling another home.  In my mind it was like seeing what her home looked like not long ago - and thinking about living in the middle of a remodel.  It is crazy to think it has almost been a year.

On that note, I'll end with a little bit of a lighter topic that I posed to Pamela during our morning  of musings:    

When I was younger I wish I had known:  That everything would work out.  I was a type-a overachiever and would worry to death over what my life would be later.  Just know you'll work it out when you get there.

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