I have been working on building a studio wardrobe, which will change periodically.  We can have up to five looks in your studio session, and sometimes its a thrill for us to just play dress up a bit.  To be able to arrive and have a rack of dresses to look through and play dress up just takes us into that feeling of a magazine photo shoot!

Jackie Daily Photography | Monroe, Louisiana Photographer
Jackie Daily Photography | monroe, Louisiana Photographer
Jackie Daily Photography | Monroe, Louisiana Photographer

A lot of you have fancy dresses sitting in your closet that you wore to one or maybe two occasions that you look at and think to yourself 'I will never wear that again...'  Well, today is your lucky day!  If your dress is right for my studio wardrobe, you just might be receiving a complimentary portrait session in exchange for it!

My booking fee (which you could receive in exchange for your dress) includes professional hair and makeup for up to two people, a custom session, and up to five wardrobe changes.

After your session is complete, you will come back to see me for the reveal of your portraits and your purchasing session.

If you have a dress that you would like to trade in in exchange for a complimentary portrait session, please email me a quick snap of your dress at!  I look forward to seeing you all in the studio =)