When I meet with my business clients to start the process of putting together their images, the first thing we investigate together is this;

Who is your Ideal Client?

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Sometimes they look surprised when I ask this.  They have never asked themselves the question.  Up until that moment the thinking for them had been; NEED CLIENTS.  MAKE MONEY.  So a lot of energy and sometimes money is used to cast a very wide net that may pull in some clients, but many of them won't be quite right fits and therefore not as likely to be a repeat.  You will find you are working yourself into the ground for people who don't get you, what you do, and why it is important.  

We can figure it out together, I have a list of my go-to leading questions.  It is important to have a clear understanding of who your ideal client is, so you can focus on just them.  You can curate your imagery to match your message resulting in the sounding of a sirens call to those that could best benefit.  Once you focus your message, you can spend less time on getting it out there, and more time tending to clients who will be a real thrill to work with/for because they truly GET you, appreciate you, and need you!  

In the end we will have found the answer to this question and we will start our journey to make sure that you are connecting to that client!

Thanks for reading!  I wanted to share a kind of behind the scenes peek of what goes into planning your sessions!

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