Jackie Daily Photography | Monroe, Louisiana Photographer | Mothers Day Special


When I was initially thinking about a Mother's Day special, I thought to  myself "What would I REALLY want?"

The things I personally long for as the mother of a 2.5 year old is actually just a little bit of normalcy.  I would love to actually be able to try on some clothes and get a few things for myself without either having a toddler pulling at my legs or feeling rushed.  I would like to be able to pamper myself - or really just take care of myself a bit.  And I would LOVE to be in the picture with my child.  I think every mom can feel me in this category of having a million pictures of your child/children and of them with other relatives, but very very few with yourself.  Its actually kind of heart wrenching.  So I went to a few of my favorite local ladies, because I knew they would love this idea!  We are so excited to be offering this true experience to our local Moms.  If you want the mom in your life to feel really special, this is such a thoughtful gift.  Take if from me: a tired and busy mom!

TIRED MOM TIP:  Let mom spend the first few minutes of her portraits to herself, and then show up with the kids so that she can have some precious moments captured with them too!!