Portrait of a young woman with freckles | Jackie Daily Photography | Heirloom photographer | Monroe, Louisiana
Black and white portrait of a young woman with freckles | Jackie Daily Photography | Monroe, Louisiana Heirloom portrait photographer

This is what really gets to me you guys.  A pure and simple portrait.  It speaks a lot of words.  I am feeling so energized by this portrait this week.  This young woman walked into my studio on a Monday, and she has no idea what she has given me for the rest of the week.  She came in for a very simple headshot for her job, sent in by her boss.  She said "I'm the no makeup kind of girl." 

I asked her "Can I take a portrait of you for me?" She responded "Sure!"  Once quick snap, and I'm so inspired.  

A friend of mine asked me recently at an art show if I've ever wanted to photograph something different.  Upon thinking about it, there were a small handful of special projects I had wanted to photograph - but they were still all portraits.  I truly love portraiture.  To capture the story on someones face is a gift to me.  Your faces all all the beautiful landscape I need.  I am grateful to every person who sits in front of my lens.  I know it can be an uncomfortable and vulnerable moment for some, and I do not take that lightly.  

Thank you all for allowing me to capture your beauty, your story, your legacy.