My Work = Your Vision?


lets find out.

So.  You're ready to hire a photographer to showcase you, your business, or your family?  That is fabulous.  Am I who you are looking for?  I hope so.  First you need to fully understand my style.  

Every image in this moodboard is mine, and is from a different session.  Notice they are all similar when it comes to the way that they look.  This is my consistent visual style.  I emulate a film look. I like deep and rich color.  I use fades sometimes.  

When it comes to what I like to capture.  I mostly like to capture people or things in their element.  I'm into moments.  Stories.  Memories.  I don't prefer props for props sake.

Family photos?  I say 'close your eyes.  Think about your children this month.  What are the things that you think of that make you smile?'  For me right now its Tallulah taking all her clothes off and walking around saying "I'm naked!", her asking us to "Cuddle in the bed?!", and her happy face when she first wakes up in the morning and sees us walking in her bedroom door.  So a good session might be to have our photographer come in the morning for a jammies and cuddles and all around silliness around the house session.

Business photos?  I say lets get the maker or business owner doing what they do.  Lets get photos that focus on your work, that aren't busy.  Let the product shine.  

Trainer?  Lets get images of you training.  Lets get images of your clients.  Progress portraits would be great.  Do you set up meal plans for your clients, and you're planning on posting blogs about food?  Lets get some images of food and meals that you are going to talk about.

I hope these real life examples have helped YOU visualize what we could do together!  

I am currently accepting clients, so lets talk about what you need.