Meet Chef Logan Parker!

Hey Guys!  This Monday I want you to meet Logan!

Logan was born and raised nearby in Farmerville, and like most of us Southerners a big part of his life has always been FOOD.  Not just food, but food that is full of flavor with layerings of the past shining through.  Our food is built on tradition, and as he pointed out to me - Louisiana in particular on the culinary traditions of seven different nations.  That makes for a pretty expanded palette!  

He says he has always been very interested in food - since he was old enough to see above the stove he has wanted to know 'how did you make that?'  This inquisitive mindset led him to start working in the food industry and then to Nicholls State Univeristy in Thibodaux, Louisiana to start their Culinary Arts program.  He traveled to New York where he worked 100-120 hours a week!  It was an understandably difficult time - but he also learned A LOT during this time - some of those things being what NOT to do, and how NOT to treat people he works with. Important lessons I would say!  When I asked what THEY learned from HIM he quickly answered 'FLAVOR!'.  After ruminating on the question an extra moment he added hospitality.  He then jumped over to France.  Though France is an entirely different country, he found he was more 'at home' there than in New York. Partly because of the French influence down home in Louisiana, in our food, architecture, and culture.  And Partly because he had been immersed in the culinary world which is directly based off of the French.  When he came back home he assisted Louisiana chef John Folse, cooked for Ellie Goulding, worked the Masters Golf Tournament several years, and worked The Hangout Festival Super VIP catering in Gulf Shores, Alabama.  

So now, he has brought everything he has learned along the way back home to Louisiana!  His passion has led him here to Monroe where he will be Executive Chef and Manager of Bayou Roux.  He is hoping the doors will open in October!  He and his team refer to Bayou Roux as a 'Southern Pantry' - they hope to bring a variety of southern dishes that will satiate our expanded southern palettes, if there is something you're craving, they want to whip it up for you!  There is a good mix of the classic, and the new.  I've seen the menu and it is looking GOOD y'all!! 

I don't know about y'all, but I'm excited to see more from Chef Logan and Bayou Roux! Here is a sneak peek at the restaurant!  

You'll have to come see more at the opening!

Bayou Roux
Bayou Roux Subway Tile