This girl is lucky to have one of her favorite friends also be one of her favorite designers.  He is working on some new branding elements for me - and I am beyond excited.  

The use of denim in my branding is because, if you see me on a regular basis you will notice that I personally wear denim or chambray A LOT.  I am working on having a capsule wardrobe, and a 'style uniform'.  I decided "Why not have a closet full of denim and chambray?  You mix and match all of the pieces, dress it up, dress it down."  I'm rolling with it.

Two of my mainstay pieces are a denim vest and a denim jacket.  My dream is to become the enamel pin queen.  Ya know, throw some flair on that denim!  Well, of course my DIGITAL denim needs some DIGITAL flair too - right?!?!  This morning I found in my inbox a little peek of what he is working on.  WHOAAAAAA!!  I can not wait to get my hands on these bad boys!

Thanks J!