I keep it real.

Family Portraits.  Senior Portraits.  Events. 

When it comes to families, I strive to tell your unique story from the places that feel the most like YOUR family.  While we can meet up in outdoor locations for some beautiful lifestyle portraits, I love the storytelling aspect of photographing your family in your own home or out and about doing a family activity together.  I create images that document your memories as true to life as possible. Life being the key word here.  Tons of props and set ups aren't necessary and aren't memories!

For Seniors, I want to capture the individual as they are today.  What is important to them right now? What are their passions, talents, hobbies?  

At heart I am a documentarian, so events are right up my alley.  In a past life (and state) I shot mostly weddings, so I am used to the hustle and bustle of events.  My goal as your event photographer is to document the day with a bit of an artistic flair.  When shooting events I like to capture what is happening organically, not just posed moments and stiff smiles.